Finn & BroWhen you are given a diagnosis of a serious illness or a life threatening disease your world changes; it becomes smaller and you can’t do the things you once took for granted or the things you want to do. Everything becomes that much more difficult especially when you are living alone. I find myself in this position: I live alone with my very special friend Finn, my dog.

Over the years it has come to the point where I can’t look after him as well as he deserves; walking him is a big issue as I don’t have the strength, especially when I’m on treatment. This is where Rosie’s Trust comes in.

Rosie’s Trust comes out to me and walks Finn every day – not for money or profit, but for a genuine love for my dog. Finn benefits so much from this and me too; I have peace of mind that he is getting what he needs while I’m not able to do all I can for him.

So all I ask is that you support Rosie’s Trust, so that they can give this service to more people that need it and that they can cope with their illness better and not worry about how their beloved pets are coping. Thank You Bronagh!

Michael, Belfast

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 20.57.00Due to a recent sudden hospital admission, we were fortunate to have the support of Bronagh at Rosie’s TRust to help us care for our two ladradors and cat. It was a huge weight of our minds to have Bronagh’s help, We don’t know what we would have done without her!

J & L, Bangor


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 21.32.29I would like to start off by saying a huge thank you to Bronagh at Rosie’s Trust. My dog, a miniature schnauzer called Todd, has given me companionship for almost nine years. Although I love him to bits and he is very much one of the family, he does tend to get grumpy if he doesn’t get his regular walks.

When I became ill, I was very worried that I wasn’t going to be able to look after Todd as I just couldn’t take him for his walks. I was delighted when I was put in contact with Rosie’s Trust who have been an absolute blessing, arriving every morning, rain or shine, to take Todd out.

Todd arrives back from his walk, totally content and continues to keep me company throughout the day. Todd appreciates this service nearly as much as I do and waits for her walker in the mornings. I very much hope that I will be able to get back to walking Todd in the future, but in the meantime I totally appreciate the services provided by Rosie’s Trust.

I have found Bronagh to be totally professional, trustworthy and a pleasure to get to know over the last few months.

Rosemary and Todd, Bangor


BudI was diagnosed with cancer and just recently it spread and got worse, so I couldn’t walk my lovely dog.

I’ve had Bud for about five year’s now and he is very special to me and I love him dearly, but I could not walk him and had no one to walk him for me.  He put on weight, was off his food and I was getting worried about him that his health was suffering but did not want to gave him up. I was very upset.

Then I was up at the Ulster Hospital and went to the Macmillan Information Centre. My friend was with me and she asked the staff if there was anyone that would walk my dog for me. That is where I first heard about Rosie’s Trust.

What a blessing that was: I felt so relieved! He now get’s a walk four times a week and he is so much happier. He has lost the weight again and fitter too, plus it’s an enormous weight off my mind.

Thank you so much Bronagh! I can’t thank you enough and Bud as well. He get’s so excited when he sees you coming and Nicci that walks him. A big thank you to her!

Karen and Bud x

The relationship people have with their pets can often provide an emotional haven when trying to deal with a cancer diagnosis.  Flagging energies, dealing with treatments or attending appointments can limit their capacity to care for their pets in the way they have done previously.

It is not uncommon for people to worry about the practicalities of looking after their beloved pets at this difficult time.
We have often come across this problem at the Macmillan Information Centre and it is wonderful to have this new service to support patients in their time of need

Rosie’s trust have provided help to a number of people now and we have been delighted with the service.  They have been approachable, flexible and responsive to the people and animals we have referred.
Feedback from patients is that it is such a relief to know that their pets are being well cared for whilst they are dealing with their diagnosis.

We look forward to using the service in the future and feel that our service is more holistic because of our newly established links.
Macmillan Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator HSCNI