Volunteers are vital to the work of Rosie’s Trust – we need volunteers from all walks of life who are willing to help fellow animal lovers / owners who, because of their illness or disability, are unable to independently care for their beloved companion.

We are looking for volunteers  to carry out the following roles:

Dog Walking

Cat Feeding / litter changing

Short Term animal fostering

Long Term adoption

Vet Visits/Transport


Data Gathering/Research


& Lots More

We are always in need of willing volunteers, in fact it’s vital to the work of Rosie’s Trust, so if you are interested please fill out an application form below, email mail@rosiestrust.org or call 07721 204061.


For further information you can download the Core Elements for Volunteers here.


Or alternatively, you can download an application form here.



Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.

Author Unknown