Jane & Scooby’s Story

Jane & Scooby’s Story

Each and every day, our volunteers help to make a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries and their pets. We want to share more stories of kindness, inspiration and hope, and show the real positive impact we can have thanks to our volunteers and the support we receive as a charity.
In this case study, we are focusing on Jane and Scooby’s story. We spoke to Jane about what happened in her life and how she reached out for Rosie’s Trust when she needed us most. Being able to support her and Scooby meant she could focus on getting better.
Jane tells us her story in her own words:


“In 2012 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. I had an operation in 2013 and it was hoped this would result in a cure. Unfortunately, the disease recurred, and I was told that more surgery was not advised. I was given several different types of chemotherapy, and this was when my friend referred me to Rosie’s Trust.


I have two dogs and was unable to take them for long walks due to the fatigue, dizziness and breathlessness that the chemotherapy caused. I was particularly concerned about my lurcher Scooby, as he needed a good walk and enjoyed a ‘zoomies’ session when possible! I was introduced to our Rosie’s Trust volunteers – a lovely couple called Hilary and Chris. They met Scooby and began taking him for long walks around the local area, and also to other beauty spots and beaches where he could really stretch his legs. I was so grateful for this service as it took away the stress of needing to walk Scooby when I was feeling rotten.


In October 2020 I was told that there was no more treatment I could have, and the chemotherapy wasn’t effective as the disease was growing. It was a very bleak time for me and my family and friends.


Early this year my doctors in Northern Ireland referred me to the specialists in England to see if there was anything they could do to help my situation as I was becoming increasingly unwell with the growth of the tumours. The specialist surgeons decided that it was worth the risk to try and operate to remove the tumours considering my deteriorating quality of life. It was very complex surgery, and I was in hospital in England for three and a half weeks, but it was deemed a success as they were able to remove all the disease and rebuild my abdominal wall.


Once I returned home, I recovered well and began taking the dogs out for walks. I realised that I was able to walk a lot further than I had before the operation and so I started taking Scooby out for longer and longer walks. I am now delighted to be able to provide Scooby with all the exercise he needs, and Scooby’s Rosie’s Trust volunteers no longer need to help me (although I know he misses them!)


Scooby’s volunteers were an absolute godsend during a very dark and difficult time in my life and I am so grateful for their dedication and care for Scooby during the time they were needed.”


Thank you to Jane for sharing her story. It is an incredible one, and we are so happy that we could be there for you and Scooby, and be a part of your journey to recovery. 
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