National Pet Month: Chatting to our volunteer Ruth Pinkerton

National Pet Month: Chatting to our volunteer Ruth Pinkerton

This week for National Pet Month, we got chatting to Ruth, one of our brilliant volunteer co-ordinators, who began volunteering with Rosie’s Trust in 2016. Ruth is also a phone volunteer, and a beneficiary support volunteer!

Read on to find out more about Ruth’s volunteer journey with us, and to read about what pet ownership means to her…

Tell us your volunteer story — when did you join Rosie’s Trust as a volunteer, and why?

I started volunteering with RT in 2016 after retiring from NHS because someone at work told me about the charity knowing that I love animals, especially dogs! After a year of walking a few dogs, I was asked by Bronagh if I would become a volunteer co-ordinator for the SE area and I took up that job in January 2018. I also do some admin work on occasion and am part of the phone team and a beneficiary support person on a Monday.

Tell us more about your own pets!

I have always owned a dog and cat or cats. I can’t imagine life without either, particularly a dog as I live in the country. We always had collies when I was young and this is my second collie/lab cross. Both of my last two dogs came from a rescue centre as pups. I find having animals in the house company and therapy, Sally gets talked to a lot and knows a lot of words and commands!

What does being a pet owner mean to you?

Since joining RT I have seen the benefit of pets to people who, either because of age or infirmity, are unable to get out of the house. The joy they bring is immeasurable and the bond very strong, and the fact that we can be a source that helps them keep the pet in good health, is wonderful. Also the beneficiary enjoys the social aspect of the walkers coming in to the house and having a chat (not so much at the moment but hopefully that will improve). It is a very worthwhile charity.

Ruth you are such a dedicated RT volunteer, thanks so much for speaking with us and for giving up so much of your time to help keep people and pets together. You’re one in a million.

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