International Volunteer Day

Dec 2, 2021 | Blog

International Volunteer Day: Meet Rowena and Flossy

Today is International Volunteer Day!
We were speaking with one of our lovely volunteers Rowena, who has been volunteering with Rosie’s Trust since 2015. She told us more about why she started volunteering, why she chose Rosie’s Trust and what volunteering with us means to her…


1. Tell us a bit more about yourself, and why you started volunteering.


“I’ve been an animal lover for longer than I’d care to mention, and over the years have shared our home with dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and a little snake. I know how much it means to have the affection of an animal and I wanted to help people maintain that relationship. My aunt lived alone, but suffered from lots of health issues. She loved her little dog so much, and was greatly comforted by its presence. When she was ill and needed to go to hospital, Benji came to stay with us. Not having to worry about him made hospital stays so much less stressful for my aunt, and when she came home, he was always there for her to cuddle.”


2. Tell us your Rosie’s Trust volunteer story – when did you start, why Rosie’s Trust, and what does your volunteer role involve?


“I started volunteering with Rosie’s Trust in 2015. I was so pleased to see a local charity that existed solely to help people keep their companions with them at the most vulnerable time in that person’s life. Over the years, I have managed the social media pages, done all sorts of administration, helped at events, and of course, have provided canine support. These days, I support one beneficiary with their dog twice per week, and provide fostering for the same dog when her owner needs to stay in hospital.”


3. What does a day of volunteering with Rosie’s Trust look like?


“When I visit my beneficiary and their dog, we have a chat about all sorts of things. The beneficiary loves to talk about the dog and what she’s been getting up to. The dog and I have a walk around the village, and when we return, I update the beneficiary on how far the dog has walked, and what we saw on our outing. I’m part of a great volunteer team, so volunteering is really flexible. If anything crops up, I know that my fellow volunteers will help out, and I’m happy to do the same for them.”


4. What does volunteering with Rosie’s Trust mean to you?


“I know how I’d feel if I was at risk from losing my own dogs due to illness, so it’s a pleasure to be able to support a fellow pet owner. I love the interaction with another dog, and have loved getting to know beneficiaries past and present.”
Thank you so much Rowena for everything. And to all our volunteers, today and everyday, we are so grateful for your support and kindness. Thank you from us all.
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