Rosie’s Trust Christmas E-Cards – Charity Christmas Cards

Rosie’s Trust Christmas E-Cards – Charity Christmas Cards

We are so excited to launch our Rosie’s Trust Charity Christmas e-cards!


This year, we are asking our supporters to send our e-cards instead of Christmas greetings cards. This way, you can send specially designed Rosie’s Trust e-cards to your friends and family, and then donate the usual cost of greetings cards and stamps to Rosie’s Trust.


To get started, all you have to do is:
  1. Visit our Christmas Charity E-Card Appeal by clicking here:
  2. Select an e-card image from one of our 7 special designs
  3. Write your message by typing your name and then your own personal Christmas message
  4. Donate by selecting the total cost of sending your cards/buying stamps. You can choose an amount from the options or you can enter any custom amount.
  5. Click ‘Donate’


After you have followed these steps, you will receive up to 100 Rosie’s Trust Charity Christmas e-cards. You will also be able to send your cards in one batch, or edit and personalise the text on each one.


This is a really special way to support us this Christmas. We really appreciate your kindness this Christmas and all year round, and we hope that you love our e-cards, and that all your friends and family do too. 


To send our Charity e-cards, click here.
To donate to our Christmas Appeal, The Gifts of Togetherness, click here.
To read more about Rosie’s Trust, click here.