Volunteers’ Week 2021: Neil’s volunteer story

Volunteers’ Week 2021: Neil’s volunteer story

This Volunteers’ Week, we wanted to showcase the amazing work of our RT volunteers. From daily visits, fostering, phone support, beneficiary support and admin tasks — our volunteers give us so much support, and their time means the world to our beneficiaries and their fluffy four-legged best friends.

We visited Neil on his visit with Rilla this week. He told us more about his story volunteering with Rosie’s Trust.

“I started volunteering with Rosie’s Trust in January 2019. A few months before that I had taken partial retirement, and wanted to do something useful with the extra time that I now had available each week. A friend was volunteering with Rosie’s Trust and encouraged me to consider getting involved.

As a dog owner/lover myself, I knew the importance of having a companion pet, and how awful it must be to have to give up a pet in very difficult circumstances. When I considered the mission and purpose of Rosie’s Trust, I knew that I wanted to do my bit in helping to keep people and their pets together. So I signed up as a canine support volunteer with Rosie’s Trust and haven’t looked back.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be on ‘Team Rilla’, which walks Rilla the Chihuahua. It’s lovely to see her so excited when I arrive to take her out. Her owner is so appreciative and thankful for all that the team does in looking after Rilla. In addition to walking Rilla, occasionally I have taken her to/from the vet.

Supporting both humans and animals in this way has been so rewarding and enriching, and I would encourage others to consider volunteering for Rosie’s Trust.”

Visit www.rosiestrust.org to read more about our story, and find out how to support us.

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